goobsi Aromatherapy Mist Aura, Wisdom, 4 oz

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Have you ever left a spa wishing you could capture the fragrance – and its euphoric effects – and bring it home or to your office? Because we can’t spend every day at the spa, there’s Wisdom Aura, a spa in a bottle. Ideal as an air-mist for meditation, yoga, fussy babies and people in high-stress situations, including new mothers, patients, caregivers, students, people with demanding careers and parents. Use Wisdom Aura at the end of a hard day, while reading, with a soak in the tub or during a break at work. Or start your day 15 minutes before the house wakes up: spritz Wisdom Aura, stretch on a yoga mat, and get your mind in order for the day ahead. Wisdom Aura contains several essential oils, each with its own effect that compliments the other oils. Wisdom Aura from Goobsi delights the senses with intoxicating fragrances that combine to create a luxurious, uplifting aromatherapy spray ideal when a mood boost is needed. The invigorating citrus bouquet from the sweet orange, clementine and neroli blend sensuously with the vanilla and exotic aromas from the frankincense and sandalwood, while the floral rose and ylang ylang round out the symphony of scents.

    • 4 oz
    • The artisan aromatherapy mist for yoga studios, spas and busy families that need relaxation without the chemicals common in mass-market mists
    • Handcrafted in small batches using only the purest essential oils, including Sandalwood, Neroli, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and Clementine
    • 100% natural ingredients, which means we use absolutely no parabens, phylates, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or artificial chemicals – safe to spritz even in a nursery
    • Never tested on animals