eb5 Vitamin C Serum Concentrate, 1 oz

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Brighten your skin and even skin tone with eb5 revolutionary and highly stable Vitamin C serum. Stable forms of Vitamin C to brighten and even your skin, paired with Vitamin E to absorb deep into the skin, and Green Tea extract to protect your skin from the elements. Vitamin C in its natural form breaks down quickly, and won't absorb into the skin. eb5 Vitamin C serum has three highly-stable forms of Vitamin C, that absorb deep into the skin. These help protect the skin, promote collagen production, and even and brighten skin tone.

  • 1 oz
  • Brightens and evens your skin tone
  • Gentle and soothing
  • 3 stable Vitamin C derivatives Ensures your serum stays effective. Vitamin E Helps everything absorb deeper, and to heal skin.
  • Neutral pH (non-acidic). Doesn't irritate the way other acidic Vitamin C serums do. Sweet Almond oil Soothes and calms the skin