eb5 Age Spot Formula, 6 oz

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Fades age spots and lightens skin with 2% Hydroquinone. eb5 Age Spot Formula is a nourishing and smoothing lotion powered with Hydroquinone to treat age spots and Argan Oil to nourish and moisturize. Hydroquinone is proven to reduce skin pigmentation (melanin), and over time can reduce or eliminate the appearance of age spots and dark areas on the skin. eb5 formula has 2% Hydroquinone - the highest amount available without a prescription, Argan oil and other botanicals to nourish the skin, and our healthy, moisturizing lotion base. Use as a lotion on your arms, hands and chest for six to eight weeks for best results.

  • 6 oz
  • Soften and nourish skin
  • Even skin tone and smooth texture
  • Highest percentage of Hydroquinone without a prescription
  • 2% Hydroquinone known to reduce excess melanin pigment, Cucumber and Vitamin E add vitamins and nourish the skin, Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple extract to even skin tone and smooth texture, Argan Oil Softens and nourishes skin