3 Common Issues Women Face When Caring For Their Hair: Hair Growth, Scalp Health and Hair Shrinkage.

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Have you embarked on a healthy hair journey, but you still struggle to reap hair growth and scalp health while combating hair shrinkage? The truth is most women are faced with this difficulty at one point or another on their journey. It is easy to become discouraged or frustrated with the process but having a better understanding will prove to be beneficial.

Here we will discuss some of the issues preventing hair growth and scalp health and how to combat them. We will also discuss the leading cause to hair shrinkage and specific products that can be implemented in your daily hair routine to minimize the presence of hair shrinkage.  

What hinders Hair Growth?

When dealing with the issue of hair growth, there are varying things that can impact how hair grows. Some of the main factors that lessen hair growth include, age, genetics, diet, stress levels, hormones and of course how you care for your hair.

Though a lot of these factors that influence hair growth seem practically impossible to control. Improving them a step at a time can prove to drastically impact the health of your hair leading to growth and retention.

Age and genetics are the areas that have an impact on hair growth that you cannot directly change but you can do something about your stress levels, diet, hormones, and the daily care of your hair.

Stress and Hormone Levels: With this category exercise proves to be quite beneficial to help balance the levels and keep them in the healthy zones that will cause hair to thrive successfully through the stages (anagen, catagen, telogen) without interruption that leads to premature hair loss.

Diet: A balanced and nutrient rich diet proves to impact the health of your hair and encourages to grow and retain length. Water consumption daily is also a critical part of a healthy diet which hair uses to stay hydrated and grow.

How to Achieve Hair Growth

By managing your stress and hormone levels, along with a healthy diet the next step to achieving hair growth is being deliberate about your hair care routine daily.

Quick steps to achieving and maintaining healthy hair growth includes:

How to Improve Scalp Health

When desirous of growing hair, scalp health should never be ignored. Though the care of your scalp has a lot to do with the products you choose to wash and condition your hair it is important that these products are infused with natural oils like argan oil that will prove to boost scalp health and encourage steady hair growth.

The Lock and Mane Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Salon at Home Set proves to provide the perfect balance to the hair and scalp to encourage health.  

A nourished scalp that is oiled with natural growth oils prove to create the environment for healthy hair to thrive thus minimizing breakage as a result of hair dryness.

It is essential that your hair scalp is properly cleansed, oiled and massaged on a weekly basis.

How to Limit Hair Shrinkage

Did you know that hair shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair? Though this is the reality it is not always desired especially when you are desirous of a new look that requires elongated curl patterns.

Using the correct hair products for 3B-4C hair can keep your hair healthy while minimizing hair shrinkage.

Moisture can at times encourage hair shrinkage for 3B-4C hair but Lock and Mane Hair Mask and Conditioner provides all the moisture hair needs to thrive while still keeping it shrink free, beautiful and healthy. Hair also experiences less breakage and becomes stronger from root to tip.

Final Thoughts

It is true that women struggle daily with attaining hair growth, scalp health and minimizing hair shrinkage but it is not impossible.

With the help of Lock and Mane your hair will experience growth; your scalp will naturally become healthy with the organic plant-based ingredients incorporated and hair shrinkage will be a thing of the past.

Be encouraged, healthy hair and scalp with less shrinkage is on its way to you!

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